Eternally Broken
This is basically a place for me to like what ever I want.
I'm not a giant fan of anything in particular, but I do love Supernatural, Charmed and randomness. This isn't really a place where I'm gonna be stocking every post full of TV show loves, but I do occasionally make personal posts about either myself, my life, things I've written, or just thoughts. Other times I reblog/like a lot of other tumblr-user's pictures, etc.
For the most part, I'm 17 and in my last year of high school.

\~Don't Stop where the Line is drawn, Break It.~/

Hey! Anyone who plays Mabinogi and happens to be on the Alexina server, look me up! I'm Platinumdrop. ^^ I've had like a million different accounts, but this one has been my solid one for the past year or so. If you need help, a buddy to talk to or just someone to run missions with, ask me. ^^ I'm always glad to help, though I may die...a lot...Okay, all the time. ;)
I dunno why this made me laugh…It just did…Lmao. 

I dunno why this made me laugh…It just did…Lmao. 

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